Retro Chest of Drawers

Today I am feeling really chuffed to see my how-to article in the September issue of The Dolls’ House Magazine. This is the first time I have written for this magazine, so of course, I wanted it to all go right. 

(Photo credit Rosie Wooldridge)

This is a typical piece of furniture inspired from similar designs of the 1960s and ’70s, and which are now finding much favour in the real world as all things retro are being much appreciated by younger generations. 

I enjoyed making this piece of furniture. It took me back to when I was a kid – my parents had bright orange “sun-filter” curtains in the one room that I still remember vividly – and shudder when I do. Isn’t it funny how things go round, fall out of fashion and then come back in style. I love the clean lines and simplicity of the designs which I have tried to encapsulate here. 

I made this little 3-drawer chest in 1.5mm thick jelutong in 1/12th scale. The drawer fronts are painted in colours reminiscent of the era, but which would look very at home in today’s eclectic style of interior. 

The rest of the issue of The Dolls’ House Magazine is also very inspiring – there is a great article on “The Antrim House”  –  a 1/12th scale dolls house done in a thoroughly contemporary style – lovely photos with a lot of inspiration. Very innovative. You can visit Megan’s blog here. She talks about all sorts of modern styles in miniature. 

I do wonder why more modern miniature houses aren’t available for purchase? 

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