Crocheted Miniature Tablecloth

I have recently completed this lovely little tablecloth while taking part in a CAL with the Buttercup Miniatures group on Ravelry. A CAL is a group joining event where each person makes the project – called a Crochet-A-Long and Frances very kindly gave all who participated the pattern. The idea is that in return, you actually do finish the project. I have at times tried to participate in a Knit-A-Long, but my miniature knitting skills are not great. (In fact they are not great in full size either!)

This was a super pattern to make. I used 100 size crochet thread and a 0.6mm hook and you can read my project page to see what extra changes I had to make to enlarge the tablecloth to fit my table. The cloth measures about 170 mm wide with the extra rows. It worked really well.

I loved the design of the cloth because it is full of crochet and not massive gaps – it is always hard to scale crochet in miniature. It can also sometimes look really stiff, but this cloth drapes beautifully – that is because I used a slightly bigger hook than I normally would for such fine thread.

I washed it and then steam blocked with starch and then before it was completely dry, shaped it over my table (which I had covered with cling film). It took another day to dry completely.

This is not the first pattern I have made from Buttercup Miniatures and you can read more about what I thought of the pattern here. Frances Powell designs a large number of knitting and crochet patterns in both miniature and full size and is also a regular contributor to The Dolls’ House magazine. This month they have published one of her knitting patterns for a Chunky Aran Throw.

 Now that I have made the tablecloth, I have to decide what sort of food to display should it be – “A Christmas Feast”? Or what about a “Tea-Party”. The tablecloth is very feminine and that will determine what it displays. I think I will also need to make an undercloth – red for Christmas obviously, but a tea party will need more thinking. I am also thinking of painting the table as it seems so dark.

 Has anyone got a better idea?

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