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African Curios 12th scale miniature

I have not blogged in ages – meaning to, but been so busy and quite simply procrastinating. Moving this blog over to WordPress has been difficult – the images were all lost and I have had to try to figure out how to upload them with no loss of resolution. Nightmare!

I think I am pretty tech savvy, but I do find that computer boffins talk/write in a language that I simply don’t understand and I get pretty frustrated. I think I have got it now – fingers crossed xx  We will see how it goes, and enough of the moaning! I have a lot of work to get my blog up to scratch, and will be doing it bit by bit – there are a lot of missing photos from previous posts and I will remedy that in time.

Instead of doing something new, I thought I would take a look back and give myself a pat on the back. All too often we so bemoan the fact that the miniature “To Do” list seems to keep growing, while what we have done seems pretty insignificant – especially when you have worked for days on a tiny little thing.

I was organising all my magazines last night and realised that I HAD done quite a bit,  and had not really been sharing it all. Currently I write for 2 dolls’ house magazines in the UK on a pretty regular basis – Dolls House and Miniature Scene and also The Dolls’ House Magazine. I love both publications, and funny enough never feel more loyalty to one over the other as they each have an individual style and also challenge me in different ways.

It is fun to write for magazines – I adore miniature making and collecting, and you will never make a living from writing for magazines, but I love the challenge of designing something different and then stretching myself to making, and sharing, the methods to make the item. Sometimes I manage to get myself in hot water because I am more ambitious than time allows – or – worse, the method I have worked out in my head simply does not work in practice.

Today I am going to share some of the most recent projects I have done for Dolls House and Miniature Scene since November. Back issues of these magazines are still available which you can buy here.

In November I made a Country Scarecrow setting to sit alongside my Gable dolls’ house. Just a small setting with a huge sunflower, a scruffy scarecrow and tower birdbox village (that is apparently what you call a grouping of birdboxes). This project was also featured on the front cover of the magazine that month.


Scarecrow Main 2


In December 2015 issue, I produced 3 very different Christmas wreaths. Fun to find a variety of styles, and hopefully someone made these, or at least were inspired to create their own style.

Fabric Christmas Wreath Gingerbread Christmas Wreath Traditional Christmas Wreath

The fabric wreath is made with scraps of fabric and vintage lace, the Gingerbread wreath is made from Fimo, and, the bottom wreath is made from wire and lycopodium.

For the February issue, I created a number of African curios and these are shown in the photo at the beginning of this post. Close to my own heart, because I am South African by birth, although I have lived in the UK for a very long time. Funny how you don’t appreciate your own local culture until you end up living somewhere else in the world. Most of the items shown are miniature copies of actual pieces I own.


There will be more African miniatures in the September issue of the magazine, including a Zulu sheild, assegai (spear) and knobkierrie (club).

My latest contribution to this magazine is in this month’s issue, which is just out. A nice and unusual project of an olive harvest basket, a harvest hand rake, some sacks with produce and an “enamelled” sign. I loved doing this project – made me think of hot Mediterranean summers while I was working in the cold winter – you have to work well ahead of the issue dates of the magazine. (I am already fiddling around with a project I have planned for the January 2017 and it is all about ice and winter. I am a long way off producing, but I do like to think things through before I get started.)

Olive Harvest Project in Miniature


So I hope you have enjoyed my journey through the past months, and tomorrow I will look at the work I have done for The Dolls’ House Magazine – the July issue which is out now features my contribution on how to make a peacock chair

(And – I want to make the photos larger, but am having trouble with blurring – so if anyone can tell me what to do to fix this – please let me know. )





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